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Consistent, accurate information. Across all channels.
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Trapeze software ensures consistent and accurate information reaches all passengers – whenever and wherever they need it.

Service Data

A single database manages all service data – across schedules and real-time – ensuring consistency of information and limiting errors and workload caused by re-keying data. Data management services are available to streamline further.


Easily update timetables when schedules change, ensuring the accuracy of on-street information. Modern layouts include helpful maps and live departure QR codes; while E-Ink augments ‘printed’ schedules with RTPI information.


Trapeze can process local operators’ real-time data, or predict departure times based on AVL data for maximum accuracy. RTPI is delivered via a range of LEDs or digital signs, E-Ink, Mobile Apps, Journey Planners or any other tool via API.

Incident Alerts

Passenger information is usually least reliable when it is most urgently needed – during periods of disruption. Incident alerts send proactive targeted messages to passengers, making them aware of changes and their current options.

Passenger Experience

Reliable and thoughtful passenger information ensures a more relaxing and enjoyable public transport experience, increasing confidence in alternatives to the car.

Tools for your Team

Team members have all the tools needed to efficiently manage, process and distribute rich, reliable and consistent information – whether at work or on the move.

Relations with Stakeholders

Easily collaborate with local operators and neighbouring authorities, sharing access to systems and data – with comprehensive user level access restrictions.

Data Standards

Assurance of data accuracy and integration, thanks to Trapeze’s expertise in, and commitment to, data standards (e.g. TransXChange, NaPTAN, NeTEx, SIRI, NPTG, RTIG and ATCO.CIF) and the open data agenda.

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Trapeze Journey Planning Software

Reclaim the relationship with your passengers. Deliver personalised, lag-free, real-time journey planning and disruption information. Presented in accessible, intuitive passenger applications to retain trust in bus services and encourage new ridership.


TfL Logo

“The major iBus project by LBSL entails data and voice connections for the world‘s largest ITCS solution. Implementation of the project would not have been possible without the know-how, support and commitment of our main partner Trapeze.“

Paul Fitzpatrick, Technical Services Group, Transport for London

Traveline Scotland Logo

“This project was made possible by the knowledge and experience of Trapeze project planners and the flexibility of Trapeze customer service staff.”

Stuart McNeill, Manager, Traveline Scotland

Aberdeenshire logo

“We’re a large rural authority; we can’t have screens at every stop so we had to find other ways to inform customers… with our website we offer customers the ability to plan their journey wherever they are.”

Martin Hall, Principal Officer for Information and Infrastructure, Aberdeenshire Council

Pursuing Perfection in Public Transport with Aberdeenshire Council

“We need to innovate; not because we want to be first, but because we want to be the best. We want to find ways to meet and then exceed customer expectations. So we use technology to innovate – but in the right way.”

As rallying calls for delivery of public transport go, that’s an impressive statement of intent – but then, Aberdeenshire Council’s team are doing impressive work, as we quickly discover on our visit to the council office.

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