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Launched in 2023, Voyagerr evolved from Trapeze’s Demand Response Transport (DRT) and several other brands to create one business that is focused exclusively on public transport authorities and operators. A truly scalable solution, Voyagerr will empower your operation, grow your fleet and your customer base, and improve the quality of services to passengers.

Minimise Calls

With Voyagerr, you can efficiently minimise booking costs. Up to 90%+ of Voyagerr passengers’ bookings can be handled digitally, i.e. booked, dispatched, and delivered without call centre or dispatch room intervention.

Efficient Scheduling

With 25 automatic scheduling factors, Voyagerr offers an exceptional level of optimisation, which means the lowest possible costs for your operation.

System Intergrations

Voyagerr offers 30+ integrations with external systems, demonstrating scalability and ease of integration with external systems, such as journey planners, allowing you to improve the quality of service to passengers. 

Manage Complexity

With a fully connected end-to-end platform, essential information is effortlessly shared across your organisation. Voyagerr can manage from 100 to 30,000 trips per day and support fleets from five vehicles to more than 3000.

Optimise Operations

Manage no-shows, cancellations, and delays efficiently. Seamlessly optimise routes, reduce unnecessary detours, and enhance vehicle utilisation to ensure the most cost-effective operations possible.

Decades of Experience

With 30+ years of specialist knowledge, Voyagerr focuses solely on developing technology solutions for on-demand mobility. It is tailored to meet the needs of public transport authorities and operators in Europe.

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“Modern technology is so important to increasing mobility and increasing accessibility of public transport. This is true for mainstream services but is especially so with DRT.”

John Knox, Demand Responsive Transport Team Leader, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport

Over the last 10 years, Voyagerr has provided solutions for managing more than 300 million Demand Response Transport (DRT) journeys in Europe.

Today, our systems complete a trip every second, and we proudly support more than 10,000 drivers.

End-to-end, Voyagerr offers you one single digital platform for every step in planning, managing, operating, and integrating DRT services.


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