“Care about your passengers? Then care about data!”

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Journey Planning apps have become a fundamental part of the public transport experience. But what happens when they go wrong? A missed bus might mean a missed appointment for a passenger, leading to loss of trust in public transport.

A journey planner is only as good as the data that drives it – and given the fragility of confidence in public transport, there’s even a compelling argument that unreliable data is worse than none at all.

The problem with traditional journey planners is that they tend to rely on consolidated datasets. Information travels through numerous systems before reaching the passenger, which increases lag time and potential for inaccuracy.

This means there’s a very real danger that passengers are putting their faith in unreliable passenger information. As we all know, people will only suffer this kind of frustration so many times before making different travel choices.

Journey from Trapeze is different. It puts the authority in control and takes data straight from the source there are fewer links in the chain. With Journey, updated data can be online and available to passengers in hours rather than weeks – ensuring greater accuracy and reliability for the public.

Journey can also show fares information, giving passengers confidence in what they’ll be paying and allowing them to make better informed decisions. With accurate, reliable information, public transport becomes a more attractive and convenient way to travel. 

A study has shown that 67% of passengers would increase public transport use if real time information was available, demonstrating that real time data is the key to increasing ridership. With Journey, passengers can have confidence in the information they’re receiving. The better the data, the better the passenger experience. The better the passenger experience, the more likely that passengers will choose public transport over a car when thinking about making a journey in the future.

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More than just a journey planner, Journey offers a new level of customer experience that ensures accuracy of information at all times through true real-time journey planning and proactive, targeted disruption information. Users are able to subscribe to notifications and receive alerts relating to travel disruptions before they even impact upon their journey.

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