Managing Disruption: Accurate Data When It’s Needed Most

by Aug 5, 2022Article, Blog

We all understand that disruptions such as roadworks or weather warnings are a huge issue, both for passengers and transport providers. Major problems not only ruin people’s plans: they also fundamentally undermine trust in public transport.

But while public transport disruption is an inevitable part of life, we can choose how we respond to it. By committing to maintaining the highest level of information at all times we can mitigate the impact of issues on the day and retain precious confidence in the services being delivered.

Because Journey from Trapeze uses real-time data, it offers greater control over information distribution. With Journey, it is easy to update information and get it online within minutes, keeping passengers up to date with what’s happening as it happens.

Passengers can register an interest in routes, stops or operators and receive push notifications or emails when there is disruption on their route. This means they stay ahead of disruptions and can make alternative travel plans before they find themselves stranded.

Additionally, Journey has the ability to set disruption start date and publish date separately. This makes it possible to proactively advise passengers in advance of any upcoming disruptions. Informed ahead of time, passengers can plan accordingly, ensuring that public transport always remains an attractive option for travel.

Journey makes it easier for passengers to deal with interruptions. It’s designed to alleviate stress when things go wrong and ensures passengers are able to continue on their journey. We can’t eliminate disruption, but with the right tools we can minimise its impact. In this way we can keep people moving and retain trust in public transport.

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More than just a journey planner, Journey offers a new level of customer experience that ensures accuracy of information at all times through true real-time journey planning and proactive, targeted disruption information. Users are able to subscribe to notifications and receive alerts relating to travel disruptions before they even impact upon their journey.

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