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The National Bus strategy sets out an ambitious vision to dramatically improve bus services in England outside London through greater local leadership, reversing the recent shift away from public transport and encouraging passengers back to bus. Bus Service Improvement Plans (BSIPs) are how Local Transport Authorities, working closely with their local bus operators and local communities, address this.

More than £1 billion has been allocated to deliver local long-term vision for bus services. The BSIPs have been developed to address various aspects of bus service, including efficiency, reliability, accessibility, and accuracy of passenger information.

How do you ensure your printed material meets the BSIP requirements for accurate information building trust with passengers?

Introducing Novus-Publish!

Novus-Publish makes it easier than ever to ensure all passengers have access to accurate timetable information, thanks to powerful production workflows that save time and ensure accuracy of information by identifying the required publicity updates when schedules change – and then batch print them at the touch of a button.

Our latest developments include multi-route diagrams showing where routes converge and diverge, making it clear for passengers to see which services will take them to their destination. With frequency messaging at stops, data is more consistent and accurate, reducing complaints if buses are delayed.

For Local Transport Authorities who have made BSIP commitment, Novus-Publish automates the creation of high-quality printed info for roadside or display online, reducing workload and increasing efficiency. With workflows for managing printing, Novus-Publish is an easy way to produce high quality roadside publicity in a fraction of the time.

Get in touch with us today and join authorities like TfL, SPT, Nexus, and SESTRAN in improving your bus stop publicity!


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