Ensuring Transparency of Operations

Achieving transparent reporting is a challenge for any bus operator – but especially so when you are starting to achieve steady growth. It is often the case that as operators become more successful it is easy to lose transparency over transactions such as driver payments.

Transparent reporting is fundamentally important for efficiency and also to ensure operations are legally compliant.

Below are five common signs that you may be struggling to maintain transparency. If this sounds like you, it is time to do something about it.

  • Unaware of how much you are paying our drivers
  • Not knowing how many duties have been allocated to each individual driver
  • Duty variations aren’t documented
  • Losing track of driver license statuses
  • Difficulty forecasting future transactions

These problems can become huge issues for operators, causing high levels of stress for staff and drivers, and impacting overall profitability.

With DAS all important transactions are automatically recorded, providing operators with complete transparency and peace of mind. Every single duty allocated, payment made or variation filed is logged within the system, guaranteeing compliance with all legislation.

In addition, DAS monitors transactions as they occur, as well as keeping a historical record of data which can then be used to effectively forecast future transactions, providing transparency not only today – but into the future as well.

Lift the veil on your operations: Get complete transparency today!

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