Duty Allocation System (DAS)

The Simplest and Most Efficient Way to Manage Driver Pay

Why DAS?

  • Total efficiency to minimise driver pay
  • Effortlessly manage any payroll rule
  • Fast, measurable ROI – for operators of all sizes

Find out how it works: the video on this page explains all in just one minute!

Case Study: Whippet Coaches

“Best Practice is Universal”: Find out how bus operators of all sizes can improve operations with Trapeze’s Duty Allocation System

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Duty Allocation System (DAS)

OnBoard: The Ultimate Driver Companion

  • Enables driver interaction with the traffic office and DAS
  • Brings the depot to the driver
  • Improves driver experience

Watch this short video to see how OnBoard works for you.

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Driver Self-Service (OnBoard)

DAS: The Essential Tool for Your Operation

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Duty Allocation: Too Much to Handle and Too Important to Ignore

The key to an efficient traffic office is making best use of its people. There will always be tasks that humans are best equipped to do – but you need technology to set them free to do that work.

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Gloucester buses

Growing Pains? Solving Inefficiencies in Duty Allocation

Growth means operating on a greater scale, which can easily introduce fresh inefficiencies. Successful operators find that having achieved their goal of growing the business, they then require additional support to manage operations. 

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Ensuring Transparency of Operations

Achieving transparent reporting is a challenge for any bus operator – but especially so when you are starting to achieve steady growth. It is often the case that as operators become more successful it is easy to lose transparency over transactions such as driver payments.

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Mobile Sign-On: Ensuring Efficient and Covid-19 Safe Operations

As previously small bus operators grow, depots can easily become overcrowded – which of course presents a safety risk in the present circumstances, as it becomes harder to ensure effective social distancing.

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