Duty Allocation: Too Much to Handle and Too Important to Ignore

When we speak to successful bus and coach operators who have seen recent growth we often hear that duty allocation is difficult and time consuming for managers to cope with. But of course, traffic offices are notoriously challenging workplaces that place huge pressure on operations managers, traffic managers, forward allocators and controllers.

Below are five common ‘red flags’ we see in UK traffic offices. If any of these are familiar then it’s time to seek help!

  • Traffic office workload is too high to manage in a reasonable working day
  • You are relying on self-built tools and workarounds (spreadsheets, documents, online notebooks etc.)
  • Your systems are out of hand, proliferating and expanding, resulting in countless chains to track or manage
  • Systems don’t support one other – so intended support tools start undermining your efforts
  • Inexperienced or under-trained workers are reducing operational efficiency

The key to an efficient traffic office is making best use of its people. There will always be tasks that humans are best equipped to do – but you need technology to set them free to do that work.

Duty Allocation Software works behind the scenes to ensure operations are efficient, ensuring traffic office managers can spend their time on vital activities that make a measurable impact, for example avoiding fines for not running vehicles, optimising driver pay by ensuring the appropriate driver is assigned to each duty, and reallocating staff.

And, crucially, this kind of technology needn’t cost the earth. Trapeze’s Duty Allocation System (DAS) can pay for itself through cost savings in one to two years – while unleashing an operator’s potential by enabling managers to allocate time for driving business growth.

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