COVID-19: We’re Here For The Journey

by May 12, 2020Blog

COVID-19 has affected us all significantly. While we are all trying to adapt and stay self, we believe it is important to all do our bit to help those around us. For the Trapeze team that means finding ways to help our customers to adapt to the changing environment.

In the initial stages of COVID-19 the requirement was clear: so many of our customers were trying to rapidly adapting services, for example reducing routes or repurposing use of vehicles, especially in relation to DR.

Trapeze has been focused on providing practical support materials including   and ‘how to’ guides, as well as supporting virtual networking to enable customers to share knowledge and learn from one another.

As we now begin to think about the role of public transport when our communities move out of lockdown, we are turning to colleagues across the globe to understand the lessons that can be learnt, taking advantage of available data and examples such as Shenzhen Bus Group.

As we continue to support our customers it is important to recognise that recovery is likely to be a gradual process. Transport operators will need to be able to react quickly in response to emerging data and developments, while of course continuing to move forwards with recovery at a sensible rate.

As always, we are here for the journey.

Photo of Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China

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