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by Feb 10, 2023Blog

When it comes to school transport, increasing demand and shrinking budgets mean that systems needs to be as intuitive as possible to enable Local Authorities to deliver requirements efficiently. Circle from Trapeze is an effective, easy-to-use tool that supports users every step of the way.

Circle was designed in collaboration with a group of Local Authority clients. As such, the user interface, workflows, and processes within the system align with the work undertaken by teams managing school transport. It is closely allied with Local Authority business practices; the features and the UI follow the Local Authority procedures. They have a logical order that makes the system simple.

With a Cloud-first approach, there is no need to worry about managing hardware or infrastructure. We can offer a framework on which applications can be built, with all servers, storage, and networking managed by a third-party provider. Upgrades take minutes and new features reach users sooner, thereby optimising the experience. Because everything is managed remotely, staff needn’t worry about operating system, servers, or security, giving them the ability to focus on meeting customer needs.

Plus, because anyone who the appropriate permissions can access the system, authorities aren’t held hostage to internal knowledge holders. If there is a member of staff on holiday or away with illness, reports can still be retrieved and utilised.

Circle is a powerful tool that makes school transport management trouble-free for Local Authorities.

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