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Reclaim the relationship with your passengers. Deliver personalised, lag-free, real-time journey planning and disruption information. Presented in accessible, intuitive passenger applications to retain trust in bus services and encourage new ridership.

Introducing Novus Live Travel Suite

Care about ridership? Then care about data!

Whether a passenger is looking to plan a new unfamiliar trip, or simply look up personalised real-time departure and disruption information for their favourite stops and services, Novus Live Travel Suite has them covered. 

A Journey Planner will only ever be as good as the data that drives it. This means the underlying data is everything. Trapeze’s Novus Live Travel Suite puts journey planning closer to the data source than other planners. Passengers can trust the information to be accurate, rich, and of the highest quality.

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With Journey Planners that rely on consolidated national datasets, information travels through numerous different systems. This can increase lag time and potential for inaccuracies. Novus Live Travel Suite takes data straight from the source, meaning there are fewer links in the chain. It ensures greater accuracy and makes it possible to get updated data online and available to passengers in hours rather than days or weeks.

Novus Live Travel Suite also manages and disseminate fare information. This gives passengers confidence in what they’re paying at journey planning stage, allowing them to make informed decisions. In this way, it drives public transport patronage.

Next Generation Real-time Journey Planning

Traditional Journey Planners use static data then layer real time on top, leaving the passengers with trip options for which the connection cannot be made due to late running services. Novus Live Travel Suite plans in real-time, meaning that passengers can only see journeys that they can reasonably make. This reduces stress and increases trust in public transport.

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Novus Live Travel Suite can accept data from many different sources, and it supports multimodal journeys. By combining real-time multimodal journey planning with fares information, Novus Live Travel Suite supports the delivery of a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) model.

Managing Disruption: Accurate Data When It's Needed Most

Another crucial aspect of MaaS is the ability to inform customers of disruptions pertinent to their journeys and give them viable alternative options. Because Novus Live Travel Suite uses real-time data, it offers greater control over information distribution. Strikes? Weather warnings? Disruption at a specific stop? With Novus Live Travel Suite, it is easy to update information and get it online without delay. Information relevant to passengers’ journey can be pushed out at a moment’s notice. This ensures that trust in the public transport system is retained. 

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During Covid, rules around bus timetables were relaxed, allowing changes to the schedule to happen more rapidly. There was no longer an 8-week lead up to go-live. This left the majority of journey planners inaccurate, and the experience is fresh in the minds of the travelling public. With Novus Live Travel Suite, you can publish the information the next day without having to wait for the national dataset. This allows for a more responsive approach to schedule changes and ensures that the most up-to-date information is available for passengers, rebuilding their trust in public transport.

The Experience Passengers Deserve

Novus Live Travel Suite offers a level of experience that passengers demand, thereby supporting the use of public transport. With live maps and live occupancy, passengers can see in real-time what their journey will be like. Novus Live Travel Suite deployed for Traveline Scotland was the first national Journey Planner to consolidate live occupancy information from a vast array of operators. This continues to give customers the additional comfort of choosing to travel on an empty or full bus according to their confidence levels. 

Novus Travel Suite exceeds passenger expectations with the level of personalisation it offers. Passengers can build their own parameters and customise their personal experience: cycle planning, hire cycles, walking distance, interchange durations, and more. Passengers can add favourite stops and access departure information with one click. 

From step-free access to waiting facilities, you can add features to stops and services to ensure that passengers that need extra help know where they can get it. Novus Live Travel Suite has been stringently tested to prove WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards have been achieved and exceeded. This allows all members of the community equal access to the same accurate information in a format that suits them. 


Trapeze Experience

We’re a trusted provider of journey planners with 15+ years experience. We work with clients of all sizes to meet their evolving requirements# and our solutions meet a range of needs from basic stop departure information through to fully managed data and multi-modal planning.

Traveline Scotland

  • Journey planning: Results are multimodal (covering all public transport modes, walk and cycle)
  • Fares and ticketing information: Ticket type and fares information is provided with bus and rail journey legs
  • Stop departure information: Consuming multiple third party (SIRI) feeds, and typically delivering a mix of schedules and real time
  • Disruption information and alerting: Disruption messages can be tagged to a specific service or Operator
  • Content Management System: The website includes a CMS for the management of fixed content


  • Journey planning: Integrated via an API to a third party journey planner to return searches to Nexus passengers
  • Branding: Fully customisable to your company branding
  • Timetables: Users can obtain on screen and PDF versions of a service timetable
  • Content Management System: The website includes a CMS for managing fixed content

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