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Amazing Tools for Drivers

Better Assisted Transport Services doesn’t just mean efficient scheduling. We need to ensure that the user experience is the best it possibly can be. The good news is that Trapeze is leading the way in this area – Last time we looked at amazing tools for passengers, now let’s take a look at some of our latest driver experience solutions.

Amazing Solutions for Drivers!



Real-time dynamic demand heatmaps show RTA’s taxi drivers where the work is, reducing unproductive time between jobs



Drivers use a web portal to communicate with the office and manage duties; and even sign on for shifts – removing the need to visit depots to sign on



Drivers can refresh route knowledge from the comfort of their own home, using virtual route training

User Experience Case Study: RTA Dubai

The RTA is responsible for Dubai’s transport network, roads and traffic and also oversees the operation of all transport modes, including taxis, buses, ferries and rail. Their taxi fleet, comprising almost 12,00 taxis run by 6 franchisees is the largest in the world. Trapeze has been working with RTA since 1994, extending its technology solution to meet the growing aspirations of Dubai. In the past year, Dubai’s taxi dispatching and operations technology have improved customer and driver satisfaction, while saving AED500 million (£107 million).

The new technology has resulted in improved driver satisfaction rates, and delivered a world-class experience for Dubai commuters.

The Trapeze solution is integral to the RTA’s daily operations. It is mission-critical for not just our taxis, but the smooth running of public and private transport throughout Dubai.

Adel Shakeri

Transportation Director, Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

Dial It Up! Next Step: Great User Experience

We believe Dial-a-Ride’s new technology is an opportunity to create a showcase Assisted Transport Solution model that paves the way for transport reform in the UK and beyond. We would love the opportunity to meet to discuss further.

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