New Journey Planner Webpage Launches

by Jul 8, 2022Blog

We’re pleased to reveal a dedicated webpage for our new, next-generation Journey Planner, which is part of Trapeze’s Live Travel Suite (Novus-LTS) system. This page contains all information related to this solution, including a demonstration video showing it in action.

More than just a journey planner, Novus-LTS offers a new level of customer experience that ensures accuracy of information at all times through true real-time journey planning and proactive, targeted disruption information. Users are able to subscribe to notifications and receive alerts relating to travel disruptions before they even impact upon their journey.

Care about ridership? Then care about data!

Journey planners are driven by underlying data. Because Novus-LTS is closer to the data source than any other planner, passengers can trust the data to be accurate. This also makes it possible to get data online and available in hours rather than days or weeks.

Next Generation Real-time Journey Planning

Rather than offer static data with real-time layered on top, Novus-LTS plans  each journey in real-time every time, so passengers only see journeys they can realistically make.

By being able to accept data from different sources, Novus-LTS supports multi-modal journeys.

Managing Disruption: Accurate Data When It’s Needed Most

Whether the disruption affects the entire route or just a specific stop, with Novus-LTS it’s easy to get information online quickly and easily and proactively pushed out to passengers at a moment’s notice through notifications.

The Experience Passengers Deserve

Novus-LTS is extremely customisable. It allows passengers to set their own parameters and tailor their personal experience. There is also the option to add accessibility features for passengers who need a little extra help.

Visit the webpage to learn more about Novus Live Travel Suite and book a demo today.

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