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Removing the Stress from Air Travel
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Trapeze solutions help airports and shuttle operators to run efficient services and deliver accurate, reliable passenger information – both for airside and landside transfers.


Improve Passenger Experience

Accurate real-time departure boards ensure passengers know when vehicles will arrive, providing assurance they will reach their destination as planned.


Dynamic Shuttle Efficiency

Access to live data enables planning teams to react to fluctuations in passenger numbers, diverting resources to maximise passenger experience and shuttle efficiency.


Improve Passenger Flow

Location-specific on-bus media (e.g. upcoming security measures) improves the flow of people through the airport and reduces passenger stress.


Stakeholder Information

Open APIs ensure all relevant stakeholders – airports, shuttle operators and more – access live data and awareness of relevant KPIs (passenger waiting times etc.)


Accurate Vehicle Tracking

Our innovative GPS tracking technology – as delivered airside at Heathrow Airport – ensures accurate vehicle tracking and reporting, even in tunnels.

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“Consumers appear less stressed when waiting for the bus (and) encouraged passengers to use their time more wisely… We are now able to work more collaboratively with our partner OmniServ to measure SLAs and ensure we are meeting passenger needs.”

Sarah Kumeta, Customer Operations Manager, Heathrow Airport

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“The value of the system is already clear…the positive impact is evidenced by reduced passenger waiting times: the information available to passengers, and our ability to dynamically re-route buses to address surges in demand, have improved service levels.”

Stephen Wilson, ITO Operations Manager, OmniServ

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“Trapeze’s Novus system helps us regulate the frequency of services, minimising bus idle times; and meeting passenger expectations while saving resources.”

Dave Robinson, IT Project Manager, Menzies Aviation

De-Stressing Airside Transfers At Heathrow Airport

The issue of stress relating to air travel was one of the key drivers behind this project.

Together, Heathrow Airport, OminServ and Trapeze have delivered a solution which provides passengers with easy access to reliable information regarding airside travel, increasing confidence in connections improving passenger flow through the airport.

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