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Yard Manager for DAS Anywhere is a revolutionary new concept set to transform the very structure of bus depots through a simple, easy to use Tablet PC-based system. Fully integrated with Trapezeʼs full Duty Allocation System (DAS), Yard Manager enables garage supervisors and controllers to reduce the costs associated with managing vehicle roll-out, allocation, and all other aspects of depot management.

The system optimises depot efficiency, ensures yard safety, and paves the way for electric fleets by enabling staff to ensure all vehicles are always fully charged ready for the next dayʼs work. But perhaps most significantly, Yard Manager is a major step towards the flexible, mobile depot of the future – a future which is now being rapidly realised through DAS Anywhere.

In the video below, Pete Adney explains why a successful run-out is so important to bus operators, and how DAS Anywhere: Yard Manager will transform this process.


The Mobile Depot Dream: How Yard Manager Will Transform Bus Operations

Pete Adney explains how DAS Anywhere: Yard Manager will transform bus depots by mobilising the traffic office.

Electromobility is Coming - Master it with Yard Manager

Product Manager Gavin John points out the role of DAS Anywhere: Yard manager in the Electromobility future.

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