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Having been through hundreds of acquisitions – and spoken with thousands of businesses – we are well-positioned to answer any questions you may have. We have compiled some of the more regular queries below – but if you want to ask something that isn’t covered here then please do get in touch!

Will my businesses be absorbed?

No. We think a decentralised model is best for our businesses; therefore it will continue to run in the same manner as you do now.

Will you bring in your own CEO or MD?

No. We believe that when we acquire a business are also acquiring the specialist skillsets of the business leaders and wider team. Business leaders’ knowledge of their market and products are invaluable tools that we aim to support and grow.

What will happen to our team?

Your team will remain in place throughout the onboarding process. Once the business is growing, new recruits will be sourced, as outlined in the Sales and Purchase Agreement.

Can you guarantee to close?

We understand that some acquiring companies make offers but then are unable to complete the process – but Volaris is different. Because we only use our own cash and resources to analyse your data and create the financial modelling, once we begin an acquisition process we can guarantee to close.

How long will the acquisition take?

Our processes are very finely tuned and we are able to utilise vast resources to carry out all required transactions. In practice, this means that we can complete an acquisition in as little as three months.

Do you have other questions, or wish to discuss further?

Let’s have a chat about how we can develop your business together.

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