Novus Data Management Service

The data created by your Novus system is utilised by a continually expanding list of downstream channels, including national journey planners and also Google. The success of transport apps, websites and passenger information portals has seen customer expectations skyrocket, increasing the importance of authorities ensuring this data is right.

However, with the seemingly endless proliferation of school terms, bank holidays and service variations, service data has never been more complicated. This complexity can sometimes be too much for authorities to manage accurately – and authorities that are able to maintain accuracy often end up spending far too long doing so.

Fortunately, there is a much better way.

The Data Management Service

Trapeze’s dedicated data experts can quickly and accurately process all of your service data – taking away a significant headache and ensuring your staff can allocate their time to valuable tasks that only they can do.

Bus service registration is undeniably complex – so Novus is by necessity a comprehensive solution with a huge amount of functionality under the hood. Fortunately, Trapeze’s data experts use Novus to support clients every single day, so they have the skills and expertise to get data right in a fraction of the time that a less familiar user would require.

Why stop managing this data

  • Authority staff with a broad remit often lack specialist product expertise
  • Non-transport experts can overlook the impact on downstream systems and users
  • Local authority teams tend to lack the time, money or skills to manage data effectively
  • Enable your team to prioritise other work

Why trust Trapeze

  • Our data experts have decades of experience and completely understand Novus and TransXChange
  • Maximise value: we work on your Novus database, delivering accurate data with minimal effort
  • This service is already trusted by several UK authorities and bus operators
  • As a supplier of RTPI, publicity and journey planners we know how to code data for downstream systems
  • Flexible resource: use and pay for what you need. Scale up to meet seasonal demand spikes
  • Trapeze plays a key role in RTIG and PTIC, driving discussion regarding best practice and the evolving standards

Trapeze’s Data Management Team:

Toni Jenkinson Fraser Leith John Davies
Data Analyst Data Manager Assistant Data Manager
Toni Jenkinson photo of Frasier Leith Photo of John Davies

The Data Management Team currently supports a number of Trapeze customers, including Traveline Scotland, Surrey County Council, Borough of Poole Council and First Group Manchester.

The range of services provided varies according to client requirements, and also within clients as directed by the specific nature and quality of the data provided by local operators.

In all instances, the team is responsible for ensuring data is processed correctly, errors are identified and addressed, and that all data is accurate before being presented to the public and other downstream systems.


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