Case Study: Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA)

by Sep 22, 2020Case Study

Turnkey ITCS solution providing common management facilities

In March 2014 Trapeze were awarded the contract in Singapore to implement a new fleet management system for the Singapore Government Agency LTA (Land Transport

LTA are undertaking a massive reorganisation of the way public transportation is funded and delivered in Singapore. They are changing from an operator led, revenue based, service delivery model to a model where the operators contract with the LTA to deliver services to a defi ned quality level.

During 2016 two additional operators have been introduced into the Singapore environment. The Trapeze system is at the heart of this reorganisation providing a common bus quality management and monitoring platform across all operators with facilities for LTA to monitor and measure the performance.

The functionalities

  • Intermodal transport control system type LIO
  • Integrated voice over cellular voice radio
  • On-board computer, integrated 9 port network switch
  • Interface to existing GPS location device and data transmitter
  • Fallback communications through internal modem
  • Map matching and satnav functionality for Bus Captain
  • Bus Captain user interface in English and Mandarin
  • Importing data supply from multiple operators
  • Recording of all trips and events with reconciliation and operational quality statistics
  • User and ad hoc reporting capabilities

The system at a glance

Control centre

  • Hosted system with disaster recovery site using virtualised environment
  • Dedicated operator workstations and LTA overview workstations
  • Support for 300 interactive users

Radio system

  • Redundant data communications over VPN using LTA data transmitter and integral modem
  • Voice communications via VoIP over cellular using enhanced codec


  • Initial rollout: 5400 vehicles with expansion capability

Dynamic Passenger Information

  • Feed to the LTA real-time bus dissemination system
  • Predictions generated using dynamic statistical history-based prediction engine


  • Support for WPA2 Enterprise WLAN in depot with MIMO
  • Automatic failover to 3G where WLAN is not available

Equipment interfaces

  • VDV, Ethernet, J1708, CAN BusFMS and digital IO

Software interfaces

  • Interface to operators’ real-time bus dispatch systems providing external trip adjustment capabilities
  • SIRI interfaces

Support and Operations

  • 24/7 third level support provided to LTA



Author: Nicolas Lannuzel. Image licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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