Trapeze UK Conference: Spring Update for Novus Customers – An Event Recap

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Regular communications are vital in the current predominantly virtual world. That was the thinking behind the recent UK Conference: Spring Update for Trapeze’s Local Authority clients, with specific sessions for customers using our Novus, Schools and Demand Responsive Transport solutions. 

The second of these sessions took place on Thursday 6th May and focused on our suite of Novus products for managing fixed route bus services. If you were unable to join, or in case you wish to revisit any of the content, below is a recap of the main topics discussed. 

Network Visualisation  

Novus Area Lead, Colin Urquhart, re-capped Trapeze’s current network analysis capabilities and introduced a new partnership with Podaris to take Network Planning to the next level. Podaris are experts in network planning visualisation tools using an intuitive GIS based solution. Essentially this tool allows Network Planners to quickly plan route variations and see the potential impact on ridership and access to various essential services by demographic group. By partnering with Trapeze, Podaris and Novus systems become more powerful as new data types are made available to both systems, such as Real Time Information history and performance of Traffic Light Priority systems. 

Colin was joined by Devon Barrett, CTO at Podaris, and the pair discussed enhanced network visualisation for customers, and how this builds on existing Trapeze tools including reporting suite, area maps, Novus KPI Dashboard and TransXChange comparison tools. 

Attendees learned how using Podaris in the early stages of network planning will enable authorities to test new route scenarios, including new modes and service frequency, while predicting demand in specific areas before entering their data into Novus. 

This means that users will be able to assess the impact of any changes before they are entered into the schedule, so networks are fit for purpose early in the planning process, eliminating subsequent changes and workload. 

Collaboration Portal 

Next Colin explored how the Trapeze Collaboration Portal handles data submissions. This portal is accessed by the Operator and carries out data validation automatically, providing data quality reports back to the operator to enable them to improve data, and blocking any invalid data from being imported to Novus. The Collaboration portal can also be used to manage the tender process for subsidised routes, creating workflows and maintaining a full history of communications between the authority and operator at all times. 

Mobility Hubs 

Account Manager Josh Mellor then approached the increasingly popular topic of Mobility Hubs and how these set-ups have the potential to encourage people away from their cars in favour of sustainable travel options such as buses or e-bikes and scooters. 

Delegates heard how reliable and accurate real time data is a huge factor in changing the public’s traveling behaviours, which is where Trapeze’s Novus Real-Time systems can help by publicising information on LED display boards at bus stops and on-board vehicles, ensuring all information is easily accessible for passengers, and contributes towards the shift to sustainable transport. 

Delivering Mobility Solutions & MaaS 

In the final session, Product Manager Paul Everson led a discussion on the common themes in transport plans, and the importance of connected and integrated networks, air quality and environmental factors, health, equality and accessibility. 

He also touched on the main factors for passengers in a transport plan, which included safety, convenience, reliability, affordability and satisfaction. 

Attendees were then shown how even though Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a broad term that covers a spectrum of outcomes, its implementation needn’t be ‘all or nothing’. 

Paul proposed four different stages of MaaS for which Trapeze can provide the technology to support and encourage a shift to multimodal transport.  The simplest levels cover extensions to existing products, moving to higher levels that integrate multiple modes and multiple data sets.  Level 4 MaaS being the often cited solution of a multimodal journey planning and ticketing solution with the associated back office business processes. 

And That’s a Wrap! 

We would like to thank those of you who attended this session. If you were unable to join us, recordings are available below so that you may watch at your leisure. 

If you would like to discuss network planning, collaboration portals, mobility hubs or anything else covered in this event, please get in touch

Watch the event recordings here


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