Trapeze Launches New Bus Scheduling System Designed by Industry Experts

by Feb 6, 2020Blog

Chippenham, United Kingdom – 6 February 2020

Trapeze Group has launched a next-generation scheduling solution for bus operators, developed in collaboration with a group of expert schedulers as part of a Special Interest Group (SIG).

The group worked throughout 2019 on the design of Trapeze’s new Novus SchedulePlus, a Cloud-based system specifically designed around the requirements of expert schedulers, with the vision of creating a tool that enables them to schedule the most optimal routes as simply and quickly as possible.

For operators in London, Novus SchedulePlus is particularly exciting, as the system shares a platform, and is tightly integrated with, Transport for London’s new ‘Routes and Schedules’ solution, which is also being delivered by Trapeze.

Trapeze Scheduling Solutions Manager Gavin John, himself a scheduler of some 20 years, has led the Special Interest Group, which brought together 10 schedulers with a combined total of more than 300 years’ experience.

Mr John said: “Efficient scheduling must be a combination of human expertise and a technology solution which enables planners to work as effectively as possible. That is what our group set out to deliver – and it is what Novus SchedulePlus does.

“I am so proud that our group has been able to deliver a technology solution which will change the future of bus scheduling. I am also especially proud to say that the team, supported by the SIG group, has been able to deliver this solution on time. The group and I are now continuing to design and develop the software based on changes in the market.”

James Grashoff, General Manager of Trapeze Group in the UK, added: “Novus SchedulePlus is a vital solution for the bus market in the UK and beyond because it was conceived with the belief that the future of scheduling is in the alignment of technology and industry expertise. With this solution, we reinforce Trapeze’s commitment to helping schedulers to work more efficiently, and to producing schedules that save bus operators money.”

Sam Greaves, Head of Service Delivery at Tower Transit Operations Ltd said: “It has been refreshing to be involved in the development of a system that has literally been designed with the customer. The development team have really listened to and embraced the thoughts of the SIG. This could well become the model for product development.”

With Novus SchedulePlus formally released, the Trapeze team has now begun work on integrating the system with its Duty Allocation System, better known as DAS, which manages driver duties and payment for around 85% of the UK’s bus drivers. This project has huge potential to improve the efficiency of route planning by enabling schedulers and managers to budget route planning taking into account actual ‘on the road’ costs.

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