Trapeze Launches Automatic Forward Allocation Solution

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Chippenham, United Kingdom – 6 September, 2019

Trapeze Group (UK) has released a new software solution to support bus depot duty allocators by automating the bulk of ‘forward’ duty allocation work. The solution delivers optimised pre-processing allocations, enabling duty allocators to prioritise time for creating duties that deliver greater operational efficiency and consistent allocation in accordance with the bus operator’s agreed working practices.

The new product, called Auto Allocation, is an enhancement to Trapeze’s existing Duty Allocation System, which manages duties and driver payment at most of the UK’s major bus operators. Auto Allocation has been successfully tested at one UK bus operator, and is now available for implementation at bus depots across the country and beyond.

Speaking at the solution launch, Tim Porter, Executive Director with Trapeze Group in the UK, commented: “Auto Allocation is an extremely exciting development which helps Trapeze’s bus company customers to continue to deliver services as efficiently and affordably as possible. It helps allocators to spend more of their time tuning duties for even greater efficiency, and automatically ensures compliance with their organisation’s working practices.”

Product Director Tony Gosling added: “Auto Allocation continues Trapeze’s goal of aligning technology with industry expertise, developing tools that empower the bus sector’s heroes – in this instance, duty allocators – to deliver even greater benefit to their organisations.”

About Auto Allocation

Auto Allocation is an enhancement to Trapeze’s Duty Allocation System (DAS), which automatically processes ‘forward’ duty allocation work as efficiently as possible, taking into account cost, availability, driver preference, constraints and skill set. By automating the bulk of forward allocation workload, depot managers always have a base allocation plan that ensures they have sufficient resource and can cover work effectively. It also serves as an early warning system, flagging any issues that could cause work to be left uncovered in time to be addressed.

With Auto Allocation, forward allocators can focus their time on improving an already efficient and consistent plan, delivering better results in terms of efficient duties that reduce operational expense.

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