Trapeze Receives ITxPT Label for IDR On-Board Units

by Dec 2, 2019Blog

Managing and transmitting vehicle data is an essential requirement of bus and tram operators. However, the on-board vehicle technology that enables this element of fleet management has often suffered from a lack of standardisation and interoperability, with the potential for multiple sensors and systems requiring multiple on-board computers and communication equipment.

Trapeze’s Intelligent Data Router (IDR) acts as a single communication platform for information and voice services between driver, passengers and control centres, reducing on-vehicle hardware and associated costs and making it easier for users to integrate third-party modules.

Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) Approved

Trapeze’s Intelligent Data Router (IDR) has been certified by the Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT), an organisation that promotes interoperability between IT systems in Public Transport by offering public specification of IT architecture based on standards with open interfaces for on-board, over-the-air and back-office IT systems.

Trapeze is the only provider to have been granted the ITxPT label for its application in both Fleet Management Service (FMS) to IP and Vehicle to IP data sharing scenarios.

FMS to IP Communication

This enables users to extract information outputted by vehicles using the Fleet Management System standard FMS gateway, including:

  • Fuel and oil levels
  • Battery charge in electric vehicles
  • Additional engine information, such as engine hours and tachograph information

Vehicle to IP Communication

Trapeze’s Intelligent Data Router also supports information from additional sensors within the vehicle, including:

  • Contact sensors on doors
  • Contact sensors on windows
  • Additional information outside of the Fleet Management System standard FMS gateway

Legacy with “silo”/proprietary systems

Integrated Architecture with ITxPT 

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