How Far Can It Run? Stripping Back the Complexity in Electromobility

by Apr 27, 2021Blog

Electrification of buses – referred to as electromobility – is set to revolutionise bus travel. This, however, is a phenomenally complex area with countless operational variables.

I believe this complexity is holding back progress, so perhaps we should think about this topic in a different way. Because when you think about it, electromobility actually comes down to one very simple question: how far can the bus run?

This question has been the focus point of a project group called E-Trapeze, which brings together experts from North America, Australia and Europe. We have been actively collaborating in order to answer to this question.

Together we have been analysing trends within the electric vehicles market and identifying products that are already advanced in electric vehicle processing. This research, along with the group’s wealth of industry knowledge, has enabled work to begin on the development of a new technology solution that I believe will transform the electromobility scene. This new electromobility solution will make the best use of current and future technologies so that users can produce, amend, and store high-quality, efficient and reliable electronic vehicle schedules. This will dramatically reduce the time spent recreating scenarios from scratch when circumstances change, making the entire process smoother and more streamlined. As this group continues to collaborate, Trapeze is proud to be asking – and addressing – the questions that will unlock the full potential of electromobility within the bus sector.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the E-Trapeze project group, or are interested in working with Trapeze on future electromobility projects, please get in touch.

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