Let’s Get Modular – Choosing a Flexible Platform

by Mar 3, 2023Article, Blog

In construction, modular design leads to reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. The same can be said of modular software builds – they allow clients to be agile and select exactly the elements they need.

At Trapeze, we offer a best-in-class modular ITCS system, giving users the ability to pick and choose which components they want. Because the different functions are standalone and talk over open interfaces, they can be set up separately and swapped in and out as per requirements.


Novus Fixed Route (Novus-FX) scheduling software is a planning module that allows users to streamline the production of registration information, increasing the efficiency of the resource pool and automating the creation of datasets.

With previous clients, we have successfully integrated the Novus-FX software with Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) on board the vehicle, demonstrating that the modules can fit with existing architecture.

We also offer a Collaboration Portal, which is a document exchange system for Authorities to be able to exchange contractual documents with bus operators.

Control room

LIO (Lead, Inform, Organise) operations control system boosts the efficiency of public transport systems while minimising disruptions and the use of resources. It offers dispatchers a constant overview of all operational processes, service disruptions are quickly detected and eliminated, and personnel and vehicle resources are deployed effectively.

Passenger information

Because our modules can effectively interact with third parties, real time information can be pushed out to passengers regardless of the system being used on the other side.

With Dynamic Passenger Information Next Gen (DPI NG), passengers are kept fully informed both before and during their journeys using smart stop signs.


In order to maintain business efficacy, reporting is vital. We offer business intelligence through the LIO Reporting Database, providing complete operations monitoring, ensuring that the right conclusions are reached, and decisions made to improve quality and efficiency. We can also use API’s for clients that want to use their own Business Intelligence tools, ensuring data integration and consistency of presentation.

Missing Trips Validation (MTV) reports on all missing segments of trips, allowing the data to be measured and an agreement reached on which additional miles should be paid.

With a modular approach to software, clients are able to implement the functionality that they require when they require it.

If you’d like to discuss modular ITCS systems further, get in touch today.