Benefits of a Cloud-Based System

by Feb 9, 2023Article, Blog

Data is the lifeforce of any bus operator; it’s a hugely powerful tool that informs better decisions. But what would happen if that data was lost or compromised? How would that affect operations?

Trapeze is committed to an innovative Cloud-based solution. With this, we can offer improved SLAs and KPIs and deliver a hosting service that is convenient and easy to run, as well as improved security and data replication.

Scalability & Flexibility

To provide high performance, service plans can be scaled up or down depending on operators needs. This can be done quickly and easily, with no disruption to operations. Plus, since there is no need to directly procure hardware, we can incorporate new requirements at great speed.

To ensure ease of transition, migration to the new system will not be a long, drawn-out process; a parallel system will be created, saving time and money.


A commercial Cloud solution offers a number of built-in security functions. In addition, optional monitoring and cloud administration functions are available to manage access to the system with great protection against malicious logon attacks.

High Availability

A Cloud solution is built on highly redundant servers – the architecture enables deployment of the application onto a second site, with automatic synchronisation, allowing for a disaster recovery with very low failover times.

In addition, data stored in local on-premises servers is kept in one place, creating a single point of failure. Whereas, with Cloud storage, the data is replicated across multiple data centres, meaning that if the worst were to happen, such as file corruption or cyberattack, there would be backup ready and waiting to be restored.

Cost Efficiency

With the Cloud, there is no need for a datacentre, so IT infrastructure overheads are reduced. Plus, as operators will only pay for the resources that they are using, it’s a much more cost-efficient way to store data.

Trapeze can help your operations to run more efficiently with Cloud hosting. Get in touch today to find out more.