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We offer vertical market software businesses the ability to achieve growth objectives while retaining independence and focusing on the needs of customers and employees

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The Volaris Difference

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We acquire, strengthen, and grow vertical market software companies. Our businesses enjoy a safe and permanent home; and our leaders have the support they need to thrive, delivering sustainable growth and achieving their ambitions of becoming world-class vertical market software companies.

Volaris doesn’t fit into any standard acquirer template. We are a programmatic acquirer of software businesses at any point in their life cycle – even in distress.

Tim Porter, Portfolio Manager

Retain Your Brand. Develop Your Business

The Volaris model is to respect and embrace the legacy of the businesses we acquire, including their brand identity and logos.

We operate a decentralised operating method that provides business leaders with the autonomy to run their business, and the assurance of backing from a much larger organisation.

Leader Development

We know that great people make great businesses. That’s why most of our acquired businesses continue to be led by their pre-acquisition founders and businesses leaders.

Not only do we recognise that these leaders are usually the best people to grow their business; we also invest in them personally, with many flourishing alongside their business, and growing into group-level leadership roles.

People development is central to the Volaris model, with huge investment in peer networking events; mentoring and coaching; domain knowledge and best practice sharing; and access to a vast peer network of C-Level operators in similar businesses across the world.

Joining Volaris

Why Volaris?

Imperial is like a big family. Volaris was the right fit because we felt completely assured they would work with us, helping the business and its people to flourish.

Ashley Bijster, Managing Director

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Our Approach

Trapeze Group and its parent, Volaris Group, are part of Constellation Software, the largest IT company in Canada. We have completed more than 500 acquisitions to date, and use our vast experience to ensure a fair, efficient and completely clear process.

Because we only use our own capital, and people to conduct the financial and legal aspects of the process, we guarantee to close every opportunity in which we engage.

Our financial modelling can take into consideration any number of different exit criteria.

The Volaris Promises

Embrace Stability

Volaris holds on to acquired businesses indefinitely. They offer the stability and knowledge of 20 years’ experience to businesses, which gives our customers the confidence they need to embark on a lasting partnership.

Maintain Independence

Day-to-day operations are managed entirely independently: our decisions are made from the local knowledge gained through our years of experience delivering transport management systems throughout the UK and beyond.


The backing of Volaris provides access to resources that improve our operational expertise and ability to scale for the future, and grow organically. This means we can support our customers to deliver on their strategic objectives.

Develop Talent

We have the opportunity to connect with leaders and managers in software companies like ours across the world, collaborating on ideas and gaining knowledge of best practice. We are therefore constantly improving our skills and performance to ensure we deliver better service.

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